I started this blog to talk about the myriad ways art and law intersect in our society. On top of being an attorney, I'm a huge film fan and a giant bike nerd. 

I did my undergraduate studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating fro RISD, I became a TV documentary producer. I worked on some indie films and produced shows for networks such as Discovery Channel, Court TV, TLC, and A&E, among others.

After seven years of producing, I went to Northeastern University School of Law to get a better sense of how the business worked. You're reading this because A) you know me and I asked you to (Hi mom!) or B) you think I have relevant insights into art and law worth hearing.

I also give educational talks at schools and arts organizations. You can hire me to provide legal representation, give a presentation, license anything on this blog (contact me for details), or commission new writing. I typically respond to inquiries within 48 hours. The little spare time I have is spent with my wife Stephanie and our daughters Hannah and Caroline, watching movies, riding my bike, and dreaming about screenplays I'll probably never write.

In 2015, The [Legal] Artist was chosen by the ABA Journal as one of its top 100 legal blogs. I contribute a monthly column to MovieMaker Magazine. You can read my other writing here: