Payment Options


Flat Fees & Monthly Subscription Options

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, your art is your business. But you’re not going to stay in business very long if you have to spend a fortune on legal fees. I offer a number of options to customize your legal representation so you’re getting the counsel you need at prices you can actually afford. Here are just some of the flat fee and subscription payment options I provide that clients love.


À La Carte

Some clients prefer to handle most of the work themselves and only need limited counsel or services. In those situations, I offer one-time legal services for a flat fee. The representation begins and ends with that service; I take on a specified piece of work and you assume responsibility for everything else. À-la-carte services include document review, contract drafting, and copyright/ trademark filings.

Project By Project

When you’re in the midst of a project, you don’t have time to quibble over specific legal needs; you need a lawyer now. For those who require an all-hands approach on individual projects, I offer a one-time up-front flat fee option. I will take on all legal matters related to your project for a specified period of time. Each project representation may include negotiation, drafting, reviews, and general legal counsel.

General Counsel

Maybe you’re extremely busy, or maybe you just don't want to deal with legal matters of any kind. For those clients, I offer an all-inclusive general counsel package that covers just about every legal need you may have, from contracts to negotiation to intellectual property protection and brand and business counseling. You pay a one-time flat fee at the beginning and that’s all you pay for six months.

Flat rates starting at $499.00

But what if your needs are longer term and you need ongoing legal representation? My monthly subscription options might be right for you. You’ll have regular access to a wide range of legal services that are highly customizable depending on what you’re looking for. We’ll work together proactively to address your legal needs and make sure to identify problems before they become expensive hassles down the road. With a monthly subscription plan, you always have an attorney on your team.

Subscription plans starting at $199.00/mo

Why flat fees and subscriptions? Because it’s so much simpler. With any of my payment options, you know exactly how much you’re spending right up front… the quote I give you when you call is the amount you’ll pay. No complicated invoices to decipher, no waiting until the end of the month to find out how much you owe, and no hidden fees or surprises later on.


Hourly Billing 

Not everyone wants a flat rate option. Some clients want the flexibility of an hourly rate. For those who want that choice, I offer a traditional hourly billing model. After a consultation where we discuss your specific needs, you’ll pay a standard retainer fee up-front and I’ll supply invoices at the end of each month for the difference.

Consultations & Communication

I strongly believe you shouldn’t have to pay just to talk to a lawyer. That’s why, as a courtesy to all of my clients, all consultations are offered free of charge. Additionally, those who elect one of my flat-fee or subscription options will not incur any extra fees or costs for phone calls, emails, or other avenues of communication.