My God! It's Full of Stars! The [Legal] Artist Enters The Terrible Twos


August 17th is a momentous day in the Kanaan household for two reasons. The first and most important: it's the anniversary of my first date with my wife. Thirteen years ago I went on my last first date with a woman who would later marry me and encourage me to follow that crazy idea I had one day to go to law school. I love you Steph!

The second is that today is the two year anniversary of the beginning of this blog. That's right! The [Legal] Artist™ is now a toddler: running around shrieking, smacking pots and pans together, drawing on the walls, and putting its finger into electrical sockets. I am shocked the blog made it this far. When I started it back in 2012, I had just taken the bar exam and was looking for something to kill time until I got a *real* job. I fully expected that my blog would bounce around within my peer group, never to be read by outsiders. Boy was I wrong. The longevity of this blog has everything to do with you, dear readers. You read my musings. You commented on them. You argued with me about my conclusions. You passed these posts around to other artists who really need the information. If it wasn't for you, I doubt I'd still be writing. So for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I've reprinted below my favorite fourteen posts from the last year in no particular order (because I couldn't limit it to just ten). Feel free to take a spin through these and help me rack up some more page views!


I look forward to making year three great, and I hope you continue reading and giving me your feedback to make this blog even better.


Greg Kanaan

The [Legal] Artist, Boston, MA, USA