Self-Serving Post: Another Day, Another Webinar

Hello Friends,

Next Thursday, November 21st at 6:30pm, I’ll be hosting a webinar on the Ten Legal Concepts Every Artists Should Know, with a special focus on the fair use and work-for-hire doctrines.  This is sponsored by the RISD Alumni Office so it's for RISD alums and students only.  If you're interested (and you must be if you're reading this blog), you can register here.  I implore you to check it out because I’ll be covering really important topics that affect just about every working artist and artrepreneur.  For those who attend the webinar, I'll provide a copy of the slides I use during the presentation.  And for those unable to attend, I'll provide an abbreviated list of the issues discussed in the webinar.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.37.17 PM