How can the law work for you?



Your art is your business. And because your business may cover a lot of ground, so does my practice. I can cover a wide variety of subjects such as entertainment law, intellectual property, digital creation, merchandising and branding, and business formation and governance. I also cover unique areas such as drone law and wiretapping. Whatever your needs are, I can help you leverage the law to grow and protect your creative endeavor. Below are just some of the services I provide.



Trademark Services

  • Filing trademark applications

  • Prosecuting trademark oppositions

  • Trademark searches and opinions

  • Consulting on trademark protection strategies

  • Litigating trademark infringement matters

  • Brand counseling

Copyright Services

  • Copyright filing and prosecution

  • Preparing and negotiating copyright licenses

  • Litigating copyright infringement actions

  • Intellectual property valuation

  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts and licensing agreements

Business Formation & Governance

  • Filing business formation applications

  • Formation strategy counseling

  • Drafting operating agreements and by-laws

  • Annual reports and filings

  • Creation of corporate governance structure

Film & TV Production

  • Rights and clearances

  • Drafting talent and crew deals

  • Depiction, location, and archival releases

  • Pre-broadcast review of programming and deliverables

  • Digital distribution and merchandising deals


Other Legal Issues

Don’t see something you need here? That’s okay, not every client’s situation fits neatly into one of these categories. No matter how unique your circumstances are, or what kind of art you’ve built your business around, I’ll work with you to figure out the best way to protect your work and keep your business humming.



Speaking & Training

In addition to providing high quality legal services to my clients, I regularly give lectures, presentations, and webinars to colleges and professional arts organizations on legal matters that affect creative professionals. Many of my presentations focus on subjects that creators need to understand in order to improve their businesses. I also discuss recent developments in the law so you always know what your legal obligations are. Recent presentations have covered these concepts:


How to draft your own contracts

Free Speech: What Counts and What doesn’t?

When your work isn’t your own: Derivative Works

FOrming Business Partnerships

Copyright and The Work For Hire Doctrine

A Fairly useful guide to fair use

The ins and outs of starting a business

How to protect your work online

Why Most people can’t negotiate

Whether you’re looking to educate a large group or desire private coaching, I’m ready to help. Contact me for information on my approach, availability, and rates.